If you have a question about the content of the program, please consult the GSLS Study Guide first.

Furthermore you can find some frequently asked questions below:


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Which courses can or should I choose from?

For the 15 EC of Mandatory Theoretical component you need to choose from the CSDB program-related courses, while a maximum of 4.5 EC could be spend on program-related of other GSLS Master’s programs.

Please note that if you choose the Bioinformatics Profile in the second year, you will have to use a certain amount of bioinformatics courses within the Profile component. In that case, these courses will not count for your Mandatory Theoretical component.


How can I spend my Electives?

For the 12 EC of Elective component you could take extra program-related courses as well as general elective courses. In addition, you may use these credits for extension of your Profile (applies specifically to the Bioinformatics, Complex Systems and General Research Profiles) or to perform a mini-project.