The Master's Programme

The Master's programme Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology (CSDB) is one of the Master's programmes in Biomedical Sciences offered by the Graduate School of Life Sciences of Utrecht University. It focuses on understanding processes underlying cancer and developmental biology using techniques and applications of (post-)genomic research including next generation sequencing, expression profiling, proteomics, advanced microscopy, bioinformatics, and systems biology approaches. Students of this programme will learn to explore the mysteries of embryonic growth, stem cells, signalling, gene regulation, evolution, and development in relation to health and disease.


The aim of the Master's programme is to offer education and training that builds on the growing knowledge of and methodology in information technology applied to biomedical systems and processes. The master students will be trained to approach multidisciplinary problems starting from their own scientific discipline.


Students will find their way in this field of research by active participation in solving one or more biological or biomedical research questions. The programme consists of practical research projects and theoretical courses.


Bachelor students of Life Sciences seeking admission to the Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology Master's programme should show a keen interest in the topics of its participating groups, along with a clear ambition to take part in the research in these areas. This should be evident from their choices during pre-education as well as from their grades obtained as a result of those studies.


The Master’s programme offers practical training in the CS&D research groups in the UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, Hubrecht Institute and Princess Maxima Center. Some groups at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam are also affiliated with the programme.


The programme aims at attracting the most talented and motivated students of Life Sciences from The Netherlands and abroad. Once admiited to the programme, students from outside the European Union can apply for a (very competitive) Utrecht Excellence Scholarship.