Programme outline (Life Sciences Academy)

The Graduate School of Life Sciences organizes the Life Sciences Academy. This consists of 3 parts, which are all described on the GSLS Student's site. 


  • The first part is the one-week introduction course (Introducing Life Sciences, or ILS), which is organized by the GSLS.
  • A series of workshops (Navigation Towards Personal Excellence, or NTPE) is organized by your Program Coordinator. You will receive invitations from him/her.
  • The Life Science Seminars is a series of monthly lectures by scientists and policy makers. The speakers are invited by one of the Master programs or directly by the GSLS. The goal of this series is to introduce you to various aspects of life sciences, outside our own 'niche'. Also more 'soft skills' topics are covered in these seminars. From September 2021 students also need to attend Career EventsInstructions for writing a reflection once you have completed the series can be found in the LSA Community on Blackboard or ULearning. If you want to replace 1 or 2 of the 7 required LS seminars with seminars attended elsewhere, you have to ask permission from the Program Coordinator in advance.



CS&D seminars

In addition to these GSLS seminars, our CS&D programme also strongly encourages you to attend our own seminars, which are organized weekly, usually on Thursdays at 16:00 h. In the event that this coincides with a LS seminar, you will have to choose. Sometimes these seminars are part of a course, and thus compulsory for participants of that course.


At the end of your Master's, you need to hand in to the Program Coordinator:


  • A list of at least 10 seminars that you have attended. At least 5 of these seminars must be from our own Thursday series, the rest can be from seminars organized by the StuCom, or (after approval) from conferences elsewhere. Unlike with the LS seminars, you do not need to register anywhere in advance. In your list, include the name of the speaker, date of the seminar (and in which context you attended the seminar) and the title of the talk.
  • A short reflection (max .1 A4) on the series you attended: what did you get out of attending these seminars, which one did you find particularly inspiring (and why), and which one (if any) did you find a bad seminar (and why).