For students

The Master students of the CS&D programme are represented by a committee called the "StuCom". They organize regular events, such as scientific seminars, meals, pub quizzes and Sinterklaas evenings. They also organize the annual 2-day retreat in June. This retreat is a mix between science (everybody presents the research of their internship) and social activities.


The StuCom can be reached by email, maintains a Facebook page, an Instagram account and takes care of newsletters.


The students also have a representation in the Life Sciences Representatives (LSR).


The coordinator maintains and moderates a LinkedIn group for master students and alumni. Please sign up for this group if you are a Master student in the programme Cancer, Stem Cells & Developmental Biology of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at the Utrecht University. If you are an alumnus of this programme, or otherwise feel a connection with us, please do so as well. This way, we hope to trace you after your graduation. Maybe someday we will invite you for a Career Day at the University, or a speed date with undergraduate students looking for a suitable Master's programme.


Retreat in Utrecht, June 10-11, 2021

retreat 2021


StuCom 2020-2021

StuCom 2020-2021


september 2020 starters


Again a CSDB winner for the U/Select Honors Program! August 26, 2020

U-select 2020 winner




StuCom 2019-2020

StuCom 2019-2020


3D lecture in the introduction course!

3D lecture



Starters September 2019 

September 2019 starters



U/SELECT group 2018-2019, final day Aug. 28, 2019. Spot the winner, from our Master's program! (back row, fourth from the left)

U-Select 2018 final pitches


Retreat Heidelberg, June 12-14, 2019

 Heidelberg 2019 group picture


U/Select 2019 (again with 5 CSDB students)

U-Select 2019


StuCom 2018-2019

StuCom 2018 Christmas (from Instagram)

StuCom 2018-2019


3D lecture!

3D lecture


First day of introduction, Sept 3, 2018

sept 2018 starters


Retreat June 2018 to Antwerp, Ghent and Mechelen

retreat 2018 Belgium



Introduction of the 2018 U/SELECT students. Spot the 5 CS&D students!

U-Select 2018



Introduction of February starters, Febr 5, 2018

februari 2018 starters


StuCom 2017-18

StuCom 2017-18 


First day of introduction, Sept 4, 2017

intro 4-9-2017



U/SELECT group 2016-2017, final day Sept. 5, 2017. Spot the winner, from our Master's program!

U-Select 2016 group



Retreat to Bonn/Cologne, June 2017

group picture Cologne Dom


group picture Cologne


Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

CMMC visit


Introduction of February starters, Febr 3, 2017 (1 person is missing from the picture).

februari 2017 starters


StuCom 2016-2017

StuCom 2016-17


Introduction of new students, September 5, 2016

intr Sept 2016


The retreat in Brussels, 8-10 June, 2016

Brussel groepsfoto 1


Brussel groepsfoto 2



Introduction of the 2016 U/SELECT students. Spot the 4 CS&D students!

U/Select 2016


Introduction of CS&D February-starters, 1-2-2016

February 2016 introduction



StuCom 2015-2016

StuCom 2015-2016



Introduction of new students, August 31, 2015

groepsfoto 2015


Heidelberg retreat, May 2015

groepsfoto Botanische Tuin Heidelberg



Poster session at Heidelberg retreat, May 2015

poster session




Introduction of CS&D February-starters, 2-2-2015

 new CS&D students February 2015



Introduction of the 2015 U/SELECT students, Academiegebouw, January 9, 2015. Spot the 6 CS&D students! For further information, look here.

U-SELECT kickoff, 9-1-2015



StuCom 2014-2015

StuCom 2014-2015



Picture taken during introduction for new CS&D students, September 1, 2014

 CS&D introduction in Irish Pub, September 2014




Picture taken during excursion to AB InBev brewery, as part of the scientific retreat to Leuven, June 2014

 Retreat Leuven, June 2014



 Poster session

posters at Leuven retreat