The PhD Programme

The PhD programme Cancer Stem cells & Developmental biology focuses on understanding processes underlying cancer and developmental biology using techniques and applications of post-genomic research, including microarray analysis, next generation sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics and advanced microscopy techniques. Students in this programme explore research questions concerning embryonic growth, stem cells, signalling pathways, gene regulation, evolution and development in relation to health and disease using various model systems.

The aim of the programme is to offer research training and education that builds on novel methodology in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics technology applied to biomedical and developmental systems and processes.

PhD candidates participate in the research lines of the participating groups, collaborating with their fellow students and postdocs yet at the same time developing their own research project and expertise within the group that should lead to a series of articles and a PhD thesis to be defended in public before an expert committee. Students are encouraged to seek collaborations outside Utrecht and The Netherlands and to attend international workshops and meetings in addition to the course and seminar programme offered by the CS&D Research School.

Master's students seeking a PhD position within the research school Cancer Stem cells & Developmental biology are expected to be highly motivated to perform their thesis research in this field, as the school aims to attract the most talented and motivated students in the life sciences from the Netherlands and abroad.

Inquiries about available PhD positions should be directed to the CS&D group leaders