Programme outline (Major Research Project)

After a short introduction (1 week by the GSLS, followed by a CSDB introduction course of 2 weeks), you start your first internship, which is the Major Research Project. This had to be conducted in one of the research groups participating in our research school Cancer, Stem Cells & Developmental Biology.

You will participate in the research of one of the groups for a period of about 9 months, under the guidance of an experienced graduate student or post-doc. During the 2-year Master education track, a total of at least 10 weeks of theoretical courses organized by the different Master's programmes is obligatory. Of those, 6 weeks should be comprised of courses organized by this specific programme if the annotation 'Cancer, Stem Cells & Developmental Biology' is to be added on the Master Certificate.

During the Major Research Project, students take part in all seminars organized by the Research School Cancer Stem cells & Developmental biology, in addition to the monthly LS seminars. Of the 9 months period, 4 weeks are reserved for the production of a written report on the practical work performed by the student. An oral examination on the theoretical background of the major research project may be required. Selected textbook chapters and published papers in high ranking international journals will generally constitute the study material for this exam.