Job perspectives

There is an increasing need, both nationally and internationally, for experts in the field of Cancer Stem cells & Developmental biology.

The CS&D Research School aims to prepare Master's students for a PhD study in one of the participating research groups. The PhD programme currently has about 130 PhD students, with a turnover of about 30 every year.

Students who leave the Research School after obtaining their Master's degree profit from a solid education in Molecular Genetics in addition to their specialized knowledge of Cancer and Developmental Biology. There is a great demand for Master's trained in both fundamental and disease-oriented aspects of 'Biomedical Genetics'.

Master and PhD students trained in the Research School have ample opportunity to embark on careers in:

  • academic research
  • fundamental research in non-academic institutes
  • biotechnology companies
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • policy-making in science and health care
  • education