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The course programme usually consists of seminars by leading scientists in the field of the course subject. Papers by these scientists are studied prior to their lectures and ample time is reserved for discussions afterwards. In this way, each theoretical course aims to provide the student with an overview of a well-defined field of research. The course offers insight into the current state-of-the-art in a particular field, including the latest results, the biggest challenges, recent technical advances and ultimate goals. In addition, the relevance of the research in that area for society as a whole and its clinical implications in particular are emphasised.

The CS&D courses are free of charge for Master students. The combined PhD/Master courses are offered at no cost to PhD candidates enrolled in one of the 14 PhD programmes of the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences (GS-LS). The fee for PhD candidates outside the GS-LS and for other participants is 250 euro for a one-week course.


The Utrecht University offers Career Services for PhDs The services are for all PhDs, regardless of the Graduate School, type of contract or the year of the PhD contract. PhDs who recently finished their promotion are also welcome.



Registration for PhD candidates for all courses is on-line ONLY through the active link next to the course Comment. For inquiries on courses please send a message to

Registration for Master's students is through OSIRIS. See here for details. 


15 - 17 Jun 22PhD Committee

CS&D PhD Retreat

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CS&D-PhD students ONLY

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29 - 30 Sep 22Eric Kalkhoven, Puck Knipscheer and Mike Boxem

CS&D Masterclass

For CS&D PhD students ONLY