The research school Cancer Stem cells & Developmental biology (CS&D) is part of the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences and combines about 50 research groups from Utrecht University, the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research.The school offers two programmes:




Seminar Schedule

Seminars are on Thursday at 16.00 hrs in the Ted Peek Auditorium - Hubrecht Institute, unless otherwise indicated (in the comment field).

Date & timeSpeaker TitleHostComment
30 Sep 21
Andreas Villunger

Innsbuck University, Austria

The PIDDosome in ploidy control and beyond

Alain de Bruin 
21 Oct 21
Alistair Boetinger

Stanford Bio-X, James H. Clark Center, Stanford University


Jacques Bothma 
04 Nov 21
Reserved  Boudewijn Burgering /Peter de Keizer/Tobias Dansen

within the frame of the "Concepts in Cancer Biology" course

25 Nov 21
Reserved  Eric Kalkhoven and Wouter de Laat

within the frame of the "Gene expression, Epigenetics and Disease" course

16 Dec 21
Reserved  Adrien Melquiond and Pjotr Prins

within the frame of the "Advanced Bioiformatics: Data Mining and Data Integration for Life Sciences" course

13 Jan 22
Reserved  Josephine Daub

within the frame of the "Cancer Genomics" course

27 Jan 22
Reserved  Susanne Lens and Aniek Janssen

within the frame of the "Chromosome Segregation, Aneuploidy and Cancer" course

24 Feb 22
Reserved  Jeroen Bakker and Jeroen den Hertog

within the frame of the " Zebrafish in Development Organogenesis and Disease" course

03 Mar 22
Reserved  t.b.a.

within the frame of the "Metabolics Pathways: from cell to disease" course

17 Mar 22
Reserved  Madelon Maurice

Within the frame of the "Cell Organisation in Health and Disease" course

21 Apr 22
Reserved  Korswagen,Rabouille, Galli

within the frame of the "Model Organisms Genetics" course