The Research School 'Cancer Stem cells & Developmental biology' has an organisational structure in place that aims at the highest level of education based on the excellence and expertise present in the participating research groups as well as on feedback from the students enrolled in the Research School.

Prof. Boudewijn Burgering (Programme leader)
Dr. Joost Koedam (coordinator Master's Programme)
Dr. Eric Kalkhoven (coordinator PhD Programme)
Cristina Arpesella (secretariat)

Seminar committee
Dr. Puck Knipscheer (Hubrecht Institute) and
Dr. Mike Boxem (Utrecht University), co-chairs

Dr. Maarten Altelaar (Dept. Chemistry, UU)
Dr. Tobias Dansen (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Dr. Jacqueline Deschamps (Hubrecht Institute)
Dr. Daniele Guardavaccaro (Hubrecht Institute)

Dr. Gijs van Haaften (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Prof. Frank Holstege (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Dr. Eric Kalkhoven (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Prof. Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute)
Prof. Susanne Lens (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Prof. Catherine Rabouille (Hubrecht Institute)

Prof. Eva van Rooij (Hubrecht Institute)
Dr. Martijn Gloerich (University Medical Center Utrecht) 

Programme committee
Prof. Sander van den Heuvel (Dept. of Biology, UU), chair
Prof. Edwin Cuppen (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Prof. Jeroen den Hertog (Hubrecht Institute)

Prof. Madelon Maurice (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Dr. Eric Kalkhoven  (coordinator PhD programme)
Dr. Joost Koedam (coordinator Master's programme)

PhD students committee

Dennis de Bakker
Bob van Eijkeren
Andreia Margarido
Lisa Donker
Sjors Middelkamp
Christina Stangl

Janine Anselmo Cravo


Master students committee


CS&D Master Students Committee